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I have been studying Bhangra since 1984 and my father, Sardar Tarlochan Singh, with references to the university troupes in Punjab has been my instructor. I have been taking Bhangra lessons for 14 years. In 1988 I debuted on stage, and I started instructing Bhangra on a more proffessional level in 2003. My style is mainly traditional, and I funk it up with up-beat moves. My style has been aknowledged by Indians back “home” as well as abroad.Bhangra is a group dance from the State of Punjab in India – developed during the 14th century. It was originally a folklore style danced mainly by male farmers to celebrate the ending of the harvest season. The women usually danced “giddha” – a female version of the Bhangra. The steps illustrated different settings in the everyday life of both the male and female farmers in Punjab. The Dhol – a double drum – is characteristic for the Bhangra and gives it a whole different groove and feeling.Now a days the Punjabis abroad have developed a “westernized” trendy, funky and groovy version of the Bhangra – hot all over the world – that brings out the *balle balle in every disco all over the UK, US, Canada no matter if you are Punjabi, Pakistani or white. The modern style is danced by both men and women. The movements concentrate on the legs, shoulders, arms and hands and give a full body workout along with being fun.

Although Bhangra is generally a party dance, it takes more than party dancing if you want to go deeper into the “essence of Bhangra” no matter how Indian you may be or “wannabe”. I offer you both the joy of this dance as well as give you the essential background and references to the dance through my lessons and weekend workshops in bhangra.

My Bhangra concept is available through David Entertainment in Sweden andMeissoun in Switzerland. We are operative in all of Europe, and are also available for workshops and performances all around the globe. I also have had my own show at Parkteatret in oslo.

*Balle balle = Punjabi expression for joy/amazement.

See “Video Clips” for video clips of Bhangra.

Photo © Meissoun



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